How to Attract a Soulmate

102 Things to Do to Meet Your Soul Mate

Dating Tips

Dating Tips

Tip #1: Dress to Impress
We all know that first impressions go a long way. So often, we have guys ask us "Should I wear a jacket or tie to an event?" Here's what we have to say about that: remember, guys, that girls do like men in uniforms. In the everyday world, that's a suit and tie. You don't always have to wear both, but if you make an effort to dress up a little, the ladies will feel, "Look, he cares about himself, and he cares enough to dress up for us!" And, that, my friends, is very sexy to the ladies!
As for you, ladies, we tell you, don't come to the dinner in sneakers, sweats, or scrubs. Guys don't want to go out with a lady wearing Grandma's duds.
And, guys and girls, remember! There is nothing that says more about you than your haircut. Even if you do nothing else, get yourself a good haircut in a current style. There is nothing more sexy than clean, freshly groomed hair. Remember that body language tip we mentioned last time, that touching one's hair is an indicator of attraction? So, it's a no-brainer why the state of your hair is so important to your first impression. See your local, friendly hairdresser today.

Tip #2:Tips on Tipping!
Did you know that tipping is sexy? Really! Don't you enjoy knowing you are out with someone who is generous? Whether it's money, compliments, care for other people, generosity is a trait that comes across as sexy.
At Eight Friends Out dinners, the dinner club always pays the tip for the food, but that does not include the extra care that everyone receives from bar staff and extra wait staff work. Please remember to take care of these people too. It may just be a couple of dollars to you, but did you know that servers often get no more than $2.35/hour? That means they really are counting on tips to pay their bills. Remember, too, that the server may be working overtime or may be under some stress and strain to take care of your group and others.
When out on a date, do check your bill first to make sure gratuity wasn't already added to your receipt. Many restaurants have taken to adding the gratuity to your bill, and you need to look to be certain that you don't double-pay. 18% is the most common amount for a tip these days but it can be up to 23%! Yes, just like everything else, there is inflation in gratuities! Caring for others is generosity too, so be polite, and tip your waiter, waitress, or bartender.
If you see that a restaurant is not doing right by its wait staff and therefore, not by you, then let the management know. They can't fix what they don't know is broken.

Tip #3: Keep it Light & Easy!
When first getting into a relationship with someone, go slow. Some people need to go slower than others, so patience is a virtue. Disclose your personality gradually, especially if, like me, you are a bit loud and outspoken. Give people an opportunity to know you before you lay it all out there, at least, if you are looking for a relationship. I know that some people out there my say, "Hey, this is me!" I'm not saying not to be you, just don't disclose too much too soon.
Have you ever asked someone "How are you?" and they gave you their life story? They forgot that there is a communications protocol where you say, "fine". Maybe the next time you might want to hear a little more, but everyone should remember, proper time, proper place. Be gentle with the people you meet. Complaining or swearing is a turn-off. There's a reason why spas and resorts play soothing music and decorate in soothing colors. Loud is not better.
Putting down the opposite sex is unattractive. If you are constantly saying, "There are no good men" or "All women are psychos", then those are the people you will notice, while missing the fun, easy, gentle souls. If you are thinking about buying a yellow pickup, suddenly all you see is yellow pickups. The people I know that always have dates or that find a relationship easily just love, love, love the opposite sex, and it shows! The opposite sex is attracted to them because of that!
Skip the long, up-front confessions. There's no better way to chase someone away than to tell them everything about yourself, your past, your ex, and even your dreams before you really know each other. Did you see the lady on "The Bachelor Paris" that told the guy in their first conversation that she wanted to "reproduce"? I think she missed the "Keep it light & easy" conversation!

Tip #4: Gender Myth-busting
Here’s some heartening news that came from the survey single professionals filled out for me in November 2005. Remember, it had to do with what men want and what women want? I think we did a little "gender stereotyping - busting"!
The most common answers of what men wanted from women were these two answers: trust and companionship. In a marriage, they said communication was the most important thing, and only 1 man mentioned sex at all!
Although most men described themselves as a little bit old-fashioned and a little bit modern, they all-every one-wanted to be the major breadwinner, and not a single one wanted to be the major caregiver. They also were not into carpooling; however, they didn't want their partner to do all the work.
Women wanted men to be, first and foremost, kind and honest. Their other top qualities were steadiness, intellect, and a sense of humor. No surprises there. Only 1 woman mentioned the need for a man to have money. What they said they wanted most out of a partner was sharing and partnership, and what they wish most that a man would do is adore them!
Women, however, were willing to do just about anything in a family or marriage situation. They were most willing to do the cooking, but most wanted to hire someone else to clean the house. They, like the men, did not expect their mate to do everything, either.
Men want to be appreciated, and women want to be adored. They both want to share in a partnership. Women want to feel like they can trust a guy, and men want women to know they can indeed be trusted. What people, both genders, really want are basic human rights: love, appreciation, and respect. So, all I have to say is this, you get what you give. Thanks for sharing, you all!

Tip #5: Men vs. Women
Guys and gals are different. Duh! Didn't John Gray try to tell us that in Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus? Males and females have their own "cultures". We've all seen the jokes about men only being interested in 3 things: sex, beer, and football-not necessarily in that order. All you have to do is look at magazine or television ads to see what kind of culture women are supposedly experiencing: Looking at ads, you'd think all we care about is shopping and looking pretty. All of those images are very stereotypical, but may have some truth to them, in part.
At Eight Friends Out dinner club, we see this acculturation in one obvious way that people are always asking us about: signing up for events. Why is it do you think we have hired a lady to do nothing but call men? She doesn't call women because he doesn't have to. The women sign up all by themselves-and months in advance. The men wait until the last minute to sign up. Annie will call men on Friday and they say to her, "Call me Monday." So we do.
Women think it's that men don't like to commit. I know better. Men do like to commit; they leave the club in higher rates and more quickly than the women do, to be in long tern relationships or for marriage. The truth is that women are acculturated to take care of and coddle men.
Women are also what is called "multi-phasic"; they can do many tasks all at the same time. Men are more singular-minded, over all, or focused on one thing. Women are used to cooking dinner while doing the laundry, and yes, planning the social outings. That's one of the major subjects that my parents, married close to 60 years, still fight about! My mom wants my dad to take the initiative. I said, "Mom, take it from me; he never will!"
But, to be fair, ladies-although it's maddening that the guys wait until the last minute to sign up for dinners, they DO usually take the initiative to ask a lady out. They put themselves up for possible rejection on a weekly basis. And besides, they're only making me and Annie chase them down-not you all! So, guys, the next time you ask Annie "aren't there enough men?" I say this: there are enough men, all right. But have you signed up yet? The ladies are waiting. Annie's job is secure.

Tip #6: Listening Always Helps
One of the sexiest traits in the world (especially the dating world) is being a good listener. Men and women alike like to be heard. I tell guys, "just listen to the girl you're with". I tell ladies, "just listen to the guy you're with." People need to know that how they feel and what they are interested in is important. When you let them know that who they are matters, they will, in return, be attracted to you! (And, remember, guys, Ben Franklin knew that the best way to appeal to a woman is to show interest in her mind-not her physical appearance, even if you are physically attracted to her!) So, if you go to any social event-not just Eight Friends Out-pay attention! Introduce yourself, ask questions, draw people out, show some interest, and smile! If you don't, you might just miss finding out that the person most compatible to you was there at that very event.
And if you're shy, see me! I am a reformed painfully shy person, so if I can become a social butterfly, so can you!

Tip # 7: The New Relationship
You've finally met someone. Now how do you handle the situation? You don't want to come on too strong. Or do you? Many times, when we meet someone we like, we get stuck thinking about them, and so sometimes we try too hard, or we go too fast. Remember that you have to give people some space; allow them the time and the room for you to grow on them!
One thing to remember is that "girl time" and "boy time" are different. When he says, "I'll call you", he probably means in 2 to 4 weeks! When he says, "Call me", he doesn't mean tomorrow. But guys must remember that when you say "call me", don't be surprised if the girl does call you-tomorrow! Better to say "I'll call you" and then call when you're ready-as long as you do indeed call!
And that is one thing that drives both men and women wild-if you say you are going to call, do it. If you say you're going to be somewhere, be there. In other words, do what you say you are going to do! If you aren't interested, say so. Don't let the other person die a slow death, waiting to hear from you. (But, ladies, remember, a month is reasonable "man time"!) I've had a lot of guys complain because women never call them back.
Ladies, don't give a guy your number if you aren't interested! I very frankly tell guys that I don't give out my number. I either give them my work number or tell him to meet me at a work related event or a restaurant where I am well known. If the guy shows up, I know he's interested. If he's doesn't, he's not. Also, that way, I am surrounded by people I know in a safe environment when meeting guys. I also find out just how flexible-or flaky, they are!
If you've just met a person, it's too early for all out confessions and diatribes about exes or how men are/how women are. It's also too early for ten page letters and definitely too early for "I love you"! Be careful how much you spill and how soon. There is a process in the relationship called "discovering". Allow time to find out similar likes and dislikes, personal values, and habits.
Scheduling fun things to do together helps you to discover how a person behaves in different situations, so you can discover if the person is truly compatible. In a hurry? Take a long road trip with someone! Nothing like bring stuck in the car for hours with someone to find out the truth about an individual! Just don't do it on your first date, folks. Be safe.

Tip #8: Guarantees for Meeting Someone New
Want to be guaranteed to meet members of the opposite sex? Here are some quick and easy tips!
Ladies who want to meet men, here is the Golden Rule: Show up early! If we say 6:30pm for the cocktail hour, then gosh darn it, be here at 6:30pm. It's always the hostess and at least half a dozen guys for the first half a hour, how nerve wracking! Why? The men show up early; the ladies want to be fashionably late. So if you are a lady who wants to get the special attention from all the gents, show up early!
Another obvious tip for ladies is that when you go to singles social events, DO NOT go with your best friends attached to your hip. Guys are much less likely to approach you if you and your girlfriend look like you're having more fun with each other than the male company. In addition, it's a bit rude! After all, you joined the club to meet gentlemen. You can talk to your friend after you go home - or tomorrow! Give the gents your full attention! Pay attention to them, not to your girl friends. And, smile! Look into their eyes, and give them your full attention, especially if it's a guy you are attracted to! I don't mean for you to melt, but when you are polite enough to give someone a smile and the courtesy of your full attention, that makes you very attractive - to the guy you are talking to, as well as other guys watching! Now, for the gents. If you want to be guaranteed to meet the ladies, go to every arts and concert event you can. Be it the symphony, a play, a concert, the movies, or dancing, ladies dominate at these events. So! You could be the only guy going out with a dozen ladies; sounds like a plan to me! Sign up for relationships seminars, cooking classes, and anything else ladies like! If you want to have the ladies all to yourself, there is nothing easier than joining them where they enjoy going.
Ladies find culturally well-rounded gents quite appealing! Of course be polite; hold open doors, pull out a lady's chair, or use some other form of gracious action, because women like a thoughtful and courteous gentleman. That's where the word comes from-genteel! Be it! Then, later, you can go home to the privacy of your own abode to drop the common courtesies. But, when in public and at a dinner, put your best face and demeanor on!

Tip #9:  Dear John/Dear Jane

Two of the issues I often hear about are rejection and let downs.  These are really two different things.  I often say, "don't send someone a rejection email; they will remember it forever."  People do remember a rejection in print and often take it hard.  If someone forwards you their email after a dinner and you are not interested, it is really better to let it go into the void.  People will forget about it rather quickly and move on to the next person they are interested in.
But if you put it in print, there are often hurt feelings and lots of wondering about why.  Let go of it.  There are lots of fish in the sea. There are 2 million people in Houston, and half of them are single!
If you have dated the person and you want to end it, please don't write a "dear John" or "dear Jane" letter.  Again, these often cause more confusion and hurt feelings.  Better to talk to the person over the phone or in person, so that they can ask you why you are no longer interested.  Give them a valid explanation-the true one.  People appreciate the truth, because then they know what they have to do-let o, move on, or get a makeover!
I often hear stories that 2 people go on a date, and then one person returns to their ex with nary a word to the one time date. Often, one person just disappears and then turns up with the former Beau or Belle at a public event, much to the newbie's chagrin. 
That said, please don't lead people on!  If you really still have a "thing" for your last love, don't make others think you are available when your heart truly is not.  If you must date to find out how you really feel about the ex, do let your date know that this is a friendship only because, truly, you are in love with someone else.  Although it still remains an uncomfortable situation, at least your date knows exactly where he or she stands.
Honesty is always the best policy.  It's hard to move forward when you are wondering why your last date just disappeared off the face of the earth.  Sometimes, we worry.  Sometimes, we wonder what's wrong with us.  But many times it turns out the other person is just not yet out of a former relationship, and so there isn't anything wrong except the way they left you hanging, turning slowly in the wind.
Be polite, and be up front.  Courtesy-and honesty-- work.

Tip #10: About the "Age Thing"
Are you an 'age-ist"?  First off, yes, it's okay to date people older or younger than yourself, for both genders.  Enjoy yourself!  However, know that at a certain point, you will need to match better with your partner, age-wise.  Older ladies with younger men works, because women's "equipment" doesn't "go south" in the way a man's eventually does.  Sexual relationships can still be very satisfying, and in this match up, experienced women can be very sexy to younger men.  Everybody is happy, for a while.  However, older ladies dating younger men will need to remember that at some point, those young guys may want to have kids, and if you are older, you may be headed for heartbreak.  Be prepared to give up your love, if necessary.  
Same thing with older men dating younger ladies...younger women often like the maturity and the material wherewithal of older men, but eventually, younger women want to be with guys their age...for lots of reasons...similar interests, youthful looks, "equipment" is "prime", if you know what I mean.  Again, be prepared to have to give up the object of your affection when she decides she wants kids with the young stud down the street.
Really, the best relationships seem to work with a 2-5 year range from your birthday and sometimes 10-15, but 2-5 is most typical and comfortable.  If your relationships don't fit in that range, just be ready to have to give up your relationship at some point, for some reason.

Hi!  This is a list I made for Houston singles to be able to find ways to meet other single people.  In Houston, there are 2 million singles, half of Houston's entire population!  But, even if you are not from Houston, you will see that this list is generic enough that you can apply it to almost any city.

So! Don't say that there's no one out there for you!  There is!  You just have to go looking in the right places.  Generally speaking, bar scenes are NOT where you are going to meet the love of your life.  You will notice they ARE on my list below, though, because we often do meet people at such places.  So, I suggest that you not make the bars your number one place to meet people, and if you DO go to them, go on one night of the week, the same night, every week or every other week.  (every Tuesday, for example)  the reason is you will get to know the regular patrons, and even if one of them is not "the one", they may introduce you to someone.  The other important reason for getting a "regular bar" or as the Brits say, a "local", is then there are so many people there who know each other, it reduces the risk of ending up with an unknown or a married person who has removed their ring.  If you go to the neighborhood joint where everybody knows each other, there is a better trust factor.
Still, I suggest you add a number of these suggestions into your mix of places to go.  Then remember that a good attitude, leading a fascinating and active life, and always offering a smile are always the best ways to meet and attract new faces.

101 Ways To Meet Singles

1. Go to a church with a singles department.
2. Join one of your local theatre singles or networking groups.
3. Run in your local Marathon.
4. Ride in a major charity bike ride.
5. Run or play games in your local park.
6. Flirt with ring-less people in the grocery store.
7. Go to local museum and arts group mixers.
8. Volunteer at festivals in town—or the local museums or the symphony or zoo.
9. Find a local pub/hang-out, and make it your “regular” meet up location on the same night of the week every week.
10. Take dancing lessons.
11. Join a group, or start one for singles or for your own interest.
12. Visit the dog park with your dog—or borrow a dog!
13. Join a book club.
14. Join a dinner club.
15. Take self help classes. (relationships, spiritual enhancement, etc.)
16. Take boxing lessons.
17. Learn to skate or ski, and join a club that does that.
18. Take a singles cruise.
19. Learn a sport.
20. Go back to college.
21. Pick a genre of music you enjoy, and follow religiously one live band that you like.
22. Go to the biggest parties in town. 
23. Go to the art museum or author lectures.
24. Go to art crawls and art openings.
25. Take a cooking class.
26. Hang out at your favorite bookstore on a regular basis.
27. Get involved in one of the parades in town.
28. Go to the beach.
29. Don’t miss Mardi Gras.
30. Join a cultural group.
31. Attend a sporting event.
32. Follow your favorite sports team and watch their games on a regular basis at the sports bar.
33. Visit the rock gym, and learn to rock climb.
34. Learn a new language.
35. Take adult education classes.
36. Join a travel club.
37. Join a poetry or other writers’ club.
38. Belong to a wine club.
39. Get on committees for major events around town, like the rodeo.
40. Take an art class.
41. Become a museum docent, because that will get you invited to all their special events.
42. Go to networking groups.
43. Join the toastmasters. (There are several for singles.)
44. Become a member of Events and Adventures or other events' groups.
45. Join an online singles site.
46. Take self-defense classes.
 47. Learn to sail.
48. Get an old car, a sports car, or an art car.
49. Become a videographer or filmmaker.
50. Go to a wedding.
51. Join your alumni society.
52. Hire a matchmaker.
53. Practice your spirituality by attending church, temple, meditation groups, etc.
54. Go to your class reunion.
55. Become a team leader.
56. Become a healer.
57. Hang out at your favorite coffee shop on a regular basis.
58. Mentor kids.
59. Be an expert at something and then attend conventions as a speaker or panelist.
60. Go swimming every week.
61. Become a member of your local trade organization.
62. Join the gym.
63. Become a public speaker or head of a community or charitable group.
64. Get involved in politics.
65. Volunteer at the local public radio or TV station.
66. Pick a public cause or charity, and become a fund-raiser for it.
67. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!
68. See if you can get yourself stationed at the check-in table of any group or gathering you attend, so you can meet all the people and learn their names and single status!
69. Join a team—whether it’s a bowling team, baseball team, or debate team.
70. Teach classes in a hobby you have at a community or adult education center.
71. Join a choir or other singing group. (provided you can sing!)
72. Show up at all the big events around town, like July 4th celebration, for example.
73. Go out on St. Paddy’s Day and New Year’s Eve.
74. Participate in a charity walk.
75. Get involved in a toy or food drive.
76. Take up a collection for a good cause.
77. Become a home vintner or brewer. And share your wares.
78. Go to festivals, either as a volunteer, attendee, vendor, or participant.
79. Go to conventions and/or expos in town, especially ones where the gender of the opposite sex will be. (Men should attend wedding, pet, and gift shows; women should attend gun, car, and boat shows.)
80. Visit stores where the opposite sex will go; at the mall, you can sit in front of the appropriate store. (Men outside the large department stores, women outside athletic stores.)
81. Attend large sporting events.
82. Visit your favorite nightclub regularly.
83. Become a member of the symphony or opera.
84. Get in a play.
85. Go to a local community higher ed class—any class.
86. Attend university extracurricular activities, with guest lecturers.
87. Man the phones for community radio or television fund-raisers.
88. Help out at a local animal shelter.
89. Be a coach for a kid’s sports team.
90. Take your dog with you everywhere you go. (magnet!)
91. Go to a theme or amusement park.
92. Spend your summer evenings on the porch.
93. Always take a wing man or a wing woman with you to special events.
94. Learn how to read palms.
95. Get on networking sites like Facebook or Digg.
96. Write a book, article, or whatever—get published!
97. Get on the radio or television for being an expert or a do-gooder.
98. Dress up really nice.
99. Interview people.
100. Give people compliments.
101. Be friendly and outgoing wherever you go, and smile, smile, smile!
102...Get a teacher, or ask someone you like to teach you.