Hello, Andrea.
My things are rather seems more difficult than as stated in your article. However  in short I need your help, if you make this out it will be great.
I got introduced to this person on phone through someone, we chatted for a month, we saw each others pics and liked each other. We used to share all types of talk, causal <sic> and naughty things also. However after a month I fell madly in love with this person though never met him personally and asked him directly whether he is serious about me or not and there I goof up everything. He said he is not at all thinking of marrying me but can stay as friends if I want. I said no and the things ended there. Since a month we are not talking but I miss him a lot. I really wish we should be forever together. Can you please help me. I will be very grateful. 

Regards, AC  

Dear AC,
There are several things here I want to say.  Although the internet is great for making casual friends and maybe for beginning to get to know someone, it’s really best to have a real relationship with someone in person.  Why?  People are often not who they say they are on the internet, and it’s hard to find out the truth when they are halfway across the world or are not making themselves known to you in person.
Some people are great on the phone, some people write great letters, but that does not tell you their habits or actions or—even—their chemistry with you.  
Anyway, the main thing is, if someone tells you they do not want to be with you, believe them.  Do not give it another thought.   I know that’s harder to do than to say, but it’s true.  If someone “disses” you,  you need  to look elsewhere for love.  Because the truth is you really CANNOT make that person love you.  (And why would you want to, anyway, really?)
People fall in love when they are intrigued by someone.  So:  be intriguing.  That was the point of my article.  You may be able to be internet friends with this person, but since you never met, and he doesn’t want to, you cannot change that.  As metaphysical energy goes, if you turn away to do your thing, he may contact you again when he feels your energy missing. (if he really got attached to you in the first place)
There is something else going on here, though.  You are not in love with that person really, because you don’t really know him.  You don’t know who he really is or what he is really like.  You are in love with the idea of being in love and maybe with some of the nice things he said to you.  It feels really good to get intimate attention, even if it is only by the web or by phone.  But the truth is, you really don’t know that person.
You are a beautiful person who obviously has a lot of love in her heart to give.  Please give it to someone who you really know and who really knows you.  Your heart is reaching out, and that is wonderful, but you need to reach out with eyes, ears, hands, and arms too.  You need to use your head too.  Do not give yourself away to someone who does not love you.  Respect yourself, and know that your love needs to go to someone worthy—someone who loves and values you.  And they will find you in person and tell you in person.
Wish the other guy well in his life, and let go.  Then turn around and follow your passion (not a guy).  You will meet your own true love by following your passion in life, not by handing yourself over to someone who doesn’t want you.
In order to make someone love you, you must love yourself first.  Make that your priority.  And when you truly love yourself, you won’t have time to pine over someone who doesn’t want you.  They won’t even be on your radar!  You’ll be fending off the ones who see how truly amazing you are!  I am not kidding!  You get love by living your own life, living your passion, and being open to love, not by giving your love away to someone who would throw it away.
Think about what you really love…art, music, sports, science, books—what?  Think about a cause that means a lot to you…cancer, disadvantaged children, the poor, the elderly, even politics!  Get involved in those things—with a vengeance!  You will meet others who are truly passionate about the same things, and there will be your soul mate!  I tell you true!
Love ya, Andrea 

  1. You cannot fail to meet  your soul mate. 

  2. If you want love, BE LOVE. SMILE! Be full of joy.  Happiness is very attractive.

  3. Get a life!  The most attractive people are interesting people, doing interesting things.



So You Want To Attract A Soul mate…
1. You cannot fail.  Everyone around you is a soul mate.  The more difficult they are, the more they have something to teach you, so the more important a soul mate they are.  Relationship is work, not a walk in the park.
2. If you are looking for the “love at first sight” or the strong attraction, know that most attractions like that are Eros, or Lust at first sight.  This usually dissipates after 3 months.  This attraction is felt with the lower part of the body.  True soul connections are usually felt in the Third Eye and sometimes in the Heart, because True Love is not a sexual thing.  Listen to your chakras or energy centers; they tell you who is for real.  If all else fails, use your “gut”, the “power chakra”, to give you the truth.
3. There are “Twin Flames”.  That is, there are soul mates who are meant to accompany you once you have done your job on earth and no longer need to return.  The Twin Flame will come to you if you are firmly monogamous, are on your “life path”, and are devoted to your destiny.  They are truly your “other half”, here to accompany you on Ascension.  They really are more of a duplicate, but their gender is complementary to yours.  The Twin Flame doesn’t come unless you “get yourself right”, because they will not fill up your holes or make you complete.  They are simply your equal, the opposite gender.  If you have stuff to work on, they will not arrive until one of you is good with YOURSELF.  When you see people who are easy together, even after many years, you know they are Twin Flames.  These relationships are rare, but they are what we are all seeking.  That is why the true path to the Twin Flame is personal growth.  By the way, sometimes the Twin Flame is not here for a romance with you.  Sometimes you are here to work on a project together, to serve mankind.  Think of certain strong partnerships you have seen that last nearly a lifetime, of any gender.  They may be Twin Flames.
4. There are certain people who you meet many lifetimes in an attempt to square a situation.  They are indeed major soul mates.  Many times, one soul mate has evolved more along the spiritual path than another.  There will be many opportunities given for this relationship to grow.  You recognize these relationships, because they usually are long term relationships where you can’t quite “get it right”.  It may take your whole life for this relationship to get right, because one or the other person needs to grow or go on his or her own path alone, in order to find the way back to you.  Make no mistake; that person may indeed be your soul mate or even unevolved Twin.  The lesson is, wait without waiting.  Every so often, you can give him or her an opportunity to come your way.  If that individual continues to rebuff you, know that they are not ready, and move along.  That person may never be ready in this lifetime.  (Many times, one or the other is a spiritual teacher—and I don’t mean literally, but true.)
5.   We sometimes have more attraction for specific people…sometimes these are people we knew in other lifetimes.  Sometimes they are people who grew up in similar energies, and so you recognize each other by that energy. (similar parts of the country, or similar life family situations)  Sometimes you literally grew up in the same energies, because you are of the same generation.  Astrology recognizes this as being obvious, which is why astrology is good for predicting chemistry. 
 6. You have 144 soul mates who are parts of the same soul-spark as you.  This means they have similar energies, and you will recognize it when you are around them.  However, if one is not an aware person, he or she may not recognize it.  Use patience.  But do not push yourself on someone or obsess over people—this drives them away from you.
7. The surest way to attract a soul mate is to concentrate on improving yourself.  If you do this, the soul mate will be attracted to you, even if you never leave the house.  Of course, if you never leave the house, you probably aren’t working on yourself!!! ;)  The point is, look within, not without, for your soul mate.  When you truly begin to love yourself, you will find a true soul mate around you.  You are more attractive when you are doing something interesting in your life, so get involved with SOMEthing!!!  GET A LIFE!
8. Therefore…make good choices.  A “bad boy” or “naughty girl” is probably not a good choice for a soul mate.  That person (and you) will find one nonetheless, but it won’t be pretty.  (See Number 1.)  
9. Set your standards.  Make a list of your requirements for a soul mate, including looks and behaviors.  Put it in the first tense.  “He is like this.” “She is like this.”
10. Rate a date.  Because most of us are clueless when dating, make a chart that will help you determine if your needs are being met.  Ensuring that you are only going out with people who meet your requirements says to God and the universe, “I am ready for the Twin Flame, because I love myself enough to only accept the best!”
11. Once you meet someone, continue to live your life and improve yourself.
12. BE LOVE.  Smile, be friendly, and be loving.  There is no better way to attract a soul mate!!!  (You can attract loads this way!!!) (Oops!)
13. Do love meditations.  It only takes a few minutes a day to sit and imagine yourself surrounded with pink light.  Send that energy out to your beloved as well.  Try to send pink light from your heart to him or her.  However, DO NOT be obsessive about this.  If you are the obsessive type, only do it once every couple of weeks.  If you do it too much, you will drive him or her away!!!  So, cap it!
14. Be aware that not all people are at your level of evolution.  Sometimes when you go to send out “love vibes”, what you will attract is folks who think love is sex, because they are thinking of attraction at its lowest vibration, which is animalistic reproductive drive.  So, just because you are walking around in love or in a pink fog, don’t be unaware of the motives of others.
15. Sing love songs—happy love songs!!!  Make them up or sing along with your favorites.  Happiness has a vibration very close to love.  Joy actually has a higher vibration than love, so when you are happy, it is VERY attractive, and then so are you!!!
16. Imagine your soul mate with you.  Imagine doing things with him or her.  Best NOT to put a face on the person in your daydreams.
17. Get a pet of the appropriate gender, because that brings that gender energy into your house.
18. Ask God (or your Holy One) to send your soul mate to you.  But don’t be surprised if he or she comes as a baby!  Soul mates come in all shapes and sizes, and can be friends, foes, or family!


19. Know that any individual that comes into your close surroundings and that offers you opportunities for vulnerability is a soul mate.  This can be a parent, a sibling, a grandparent, a best friend, or a partner, love or business.  All of these serious relationships are soul mate opportunities to teach and learn from each other.


20. Therefore, you cannot lose!



How to Attract a Soulmate